How to Get to Mechagon?

Blizzard Entertainment created such a game in 1994, which is now considered to be one of the highest-grossing video games as of 2018. Warcraft had already been filmed in 2016. This online game allows you to play with other players. Another attractive thing is that the game makes one engaged with others through social interaction. After adding Mechagon to the map, the players are enjoying a new gaming experience. Obviously, the question of how to get to Mechagon comes into every player’s mind. If you want to deal with gnomes, experiencing in Mechagon is a must. This article has been for you to be aware of the place. The steps are as follows. 

How to Get to Mechagon Step 1

Before you reach Mechagon, you have to complete the achievement “The Heart Forge” first. You have to unlock the starting quest by beginning the journey through Nazjatar. The initial quest is complete. Now, find the new quest near your location in the minimap. A Magni will allow you to achieve “The Heart Forge.” An NPC with Alliance and Horde that starts the quest will take you to Mechagon. 

Complete the quest named “Fame Waits for Gnome One” or “Rumours of Mechagon.” “Unlock World Quest” will be unlocked as you complete the quest. 

How to Get to Mechagon Step 2

Now is the time to head toward Mechagon. A Horde player has to head toward Boralus Harbor or Dazar’alor in Zuldazar. Then, run to the Flight Master, called Tinkmaster Overspark or Gazlowe. Check your minimap. If you find an exclamation mark on your map, this is your new quest; complete that one.

 As soon as you complete the new quest, another quest named “The Legend of Mechagon” has to be completed. The characters can freely travel to the new world. There is no questline when they have arrived. 

You have already reached Mechagon. It’s time to enjoy. 

How to Get to Mechagon Step 3

As you are already in Mechagon, it’s time to ponder what to do inside the place. It was an unknown world to Warcraft gamers. In a fantasy world, it is possible to reach anywhere. The place is filled with dead robots, lots of mechanical tools, and pools of grease and oil. 

You will be confronted with an ample amount of gnomes making a society called “Mechagnomes.” Their body parts are created with mechanical materials. As it is a kind of robotic place, the focus will be on the player’s mechanical body parts. The payer’s assignment is to help the resistance against the king, where the son of the king will be your mate also. 

This is a brief guide about “how to get to Mechagon,” which has been recently added to provide a new gaming experience level. If you like to play fantasy games filled with heart-wrenching adventures and unexpected explorations, Warcraft is your go-to choice.