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Piracy of movies is defined as a criminal offence in the laws, but this does not stop its uses and creators of such websites from committing this offence. Lack of availability of time, the unwillingness to pay for movies and web series on paid platforms, and various other factors lead to the demand for such pirated websites.

Moviezwap is one such website that has been operating for years and has appeared as one of the viral sources for Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, and Bollywood movies. All the latest shows, series films are released within a few days or preferably within hours of their official release on this website from where one can stream or download them without paying anything to the website’s owners.

What do you get on the Moviezwap website?

You can find all the latest releases, especially South Indian ones, and all kinds of Hindi movies, and download them. You will also get other languages dubbed films, and various videos in Tamil, Malayalam and other languages to download. The government has banned Moviezwap, but several people are still using it.

How to download from Moviezwap? 

All you have to do is go to this website and then search for the movie you want, and you will find various formats, resolutions, options for directly downloading the film in good quality, and enjoy. It mostly provides Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi TV shows and movies, but you can also find many more things on this website. Different resolutions are available, and the film’s size can vary from 300MB to 4GB depending upon your quality choice.

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It has a reasonably good interface with all the content arranged in proper categories, making it easier for visitors to operate on this website. There are many ads on the website, which helps its owners to monetize the website and earn revenue through it.

Moviezwap Alternative sites:

What are the legal actions that can be taken against me if I use Moviezwap?

As we said earlier, using such torrent sites can even land you in jail as it’s a criminal offence under the government’s rules and regulations. Any involvement in such activities may result in a fine ranging from 50,000 to 2 lacs and jail of six months to 3 years, depending on how serious the offence is?

What can I use instead of Moviezwap?

There are various other options for you to meet your needs, and also, they are legal, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Some options are there that let you stream all kinds of South Indian TV shows and movies for free. You must look for such sources to avoid any problem.

Final Words…

We have posted this article on our website just for informational purposes. We are not encouraging anyone to use any websites related to the piracy of films. All the readers are advised to avoid such websites and do not get involved in any activities related to such things.

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