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Hey, Knowledge Seekers!

Knowledge is the most powerful weapon to beat real issues of life. We are always running after it. Without it, life becomes tougher. The bright future is only dependent on knowledge. Are you also hungry for knowledge?

Then Learn Forget is just for you. Our website is just dedicated to all the knowledge seekers. It’s a fun place to learn something and forget everything. Learn and forget are human beings’ natural characteristics. We provide valuable information almost about everything. Be it history, geography, or anything that adds knowledge to the readers, we are there. You learn one thing and forget the other and come again here. We are always there with new content.

Established about 1 year ago, has come a long way. We have seen many ups and downs. We believe that knowledge can transform a person into a better human being. The lack of it can push us to the darkness. Let the light remove it. Enlightening is possible through gaining knowledge.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on society with proper-researched articles that can provide, Knowledge. Every article is purely based on extensive research. All are welcome to our tribe to remove the deficiency of the ultimate wisdom. Though we are based in India, knowledge is universal. So, our focus is all over the world. There is no physical office. We operate everything virtually. If we can help a little bit by spreading the awareness of knowledge, nothing more satisfies us.

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Team Learn Forget