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List of Top 10 Best Scooty in India for Men & Women

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Today, it has been difficult to think without a two-wheeler. A few decades earlier, where the two-wheelers were the rich people’s entity, now, everyone can afford this. The price is attractive, so more people have acquired at least one. The number is attractively increasing day by day. Whether you are a bike lover or scooty, one cannot deny the fact that people are heading more towards scooters than bikes. The Scooties have been an interesting vehicle these days. Some of the top manufacturing companies are producing Scooties frequently. Do you have any plans to buy a Scooty? Let’s start with this comprehensive list of the top 10 best scooty in India right now.   

Top 10 Best Scooters in India

Honda Activa 6G

One of the most popular Scooty manufacturing companies whose models are being sold regularly is Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. Honda Activa is their remarkable scooty at an affordable budget which is between Rs 67, 843 – 71, 089. It was launched in 2001, and since then, the company has sold more than two crore units. With 109 ccs of engine displacement, it gives you 60kmpl of mileage. It was awarded the Buyer’s Choice Awards of the year. It generates 7.79bhp of power. Honda Activa is one of the best scooty in India.

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Honda Dio

Honda Dio is another scooty from the same company. Awarded as the India Design mark, this small beast has already caught attraction to many people in recent years. It comes with a single-cylinder, air-cooled engine, and Spark ignition. It flaunts a stunning body. With 109 cc engine displacement, it provides you with 55kmpl of mileage. The price starts at 63, 273 – 69, 171. It can generate 7.76bhp of power. It is one of the best scooter in India.

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TVS Jupiter

Awarded by Bike India, BBC Top Gear India, and many other authorities, TVS Jupiter was one of the sensations in 21014. Comes from a popular company in India (TVS Motor Company), Jupiter features a single-cylinder and air-cooled engine. With 109 ccs of engine displacement, the model provides a 56kmpl of mileage. The price is also competitive, which is between Rs 64, 437 – 73, 737. It generates a 7.47bhp of power. It is one of the best scooty in India, holds 2nd position in the market share.

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Suzuki Access

Featured with a single-cylinder and air-cooled engine, Suzuki Access is one of the dependable Scooties in India. With 124 ccs of engine displacement, you can cross up to 52.45kmpl of mileage. So whether you are looking for the best scooty in India, this model provides a comfortable transportation facility with ease. The budget starts at Rs 71 000 – 80, 200. It can churn out an 8.7bhp of power.


Another name from TVS is the NTORQ which sports a single cylinder and an air-cooled engine. Awarded with the Commuter Two-wheeler of the Year, NTORQ has the potentiality to attract audiences’ attention. This 124 cc model provides 51kmpl of mileage. The price point starts at Rs 71, 095 – 81, 075. It generates 9.38bhp of power. If you are looking for 125 cc scooter then this is the best scooter in India you can buy.

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Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino is also in our list of the top 10 best scooty in India. With a single cylinder and an air-cooled engine, Yamaha Fascino provides impressive performance. It comes with a self-start facility, and this makes the model more efficient. It features a 113 cc of engine displacement that provides a 66kmpl of mileage. The model received the India Design Mark award in 2016. You can grab it at Rs 72, 030 – 75, 530. It can generate up to 7.2bhp of power.

Hero Maestro Edge 125

If you want a higher cc model, you can go for this one. Hero Maestro Edge 125 can prove to be the best scooty in India for you. Comes with a 124.6 cc of engine displacement, it provides a 10.4 Nm of Torque. Its Various colours are available in the market. The Ex. showroom price starts at Rs 70, 850 – 74, 350 (varies in the state to state). It features a sleek design that is comfortable for any age. It generates around 9bhp of power.

Hero Pleasure Plus

With an attractive look and various variants, Hero Pleasure Plus is another attractive choice in the top 10 best scooters in India. With a 110 cc engine, you can go up to 69kmpl. It comes with tubeless tyres and alloy wheels, and you will get the model in three variants. The price for the base variant starts at Rs 58, 900, and the higher variant at Rs 64, 100. It generates an 8.1bhp of power.

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The next two are upcoming models, which are creating buzz around the corner.

Honda PCX 160

The expected release date is in June 2021. If you want to buy this, you can set the notification for new updates. But for now, it is expected that the model is providing 156 ccs of an engine which gives you a 30kmpl of mileage. It generates 15.8bhp of power. With stunning design and a little high budget, Honda PCX 160 can be an impeccable choice for two-wheeler enthusiasts, especially for Scooty enthusiasts. The estimated price starts at Rs .20 lakh. 

Yamaha NMax 155

Another upcoming in this list is from Yamaha. The NMax is going to launch in June 2021, mentioned as the expected date. As of now, we have come to know that the model features a 155 cc engine. There is no clarity for the mileage it will provide. The estimated price has been set at Rs 1.30 Lakh. With a cool-looking design, the model features a responsive engine and delivers a comfortable journey. It generates 15bhp of power.

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Even many bikers are choosing Scooties over bikes because of its easy use facility. This article gives you the idea of the top 10 best scooters in India that are currently the sensation. But this not everything because every month, a new scooty is being released. To find the best scooty in India, it is always recommended to keep track of all the new models launching every month so that you get the most attractive and satisfactory one.

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