How to Get Rid of Lizards?

how to get rid of lizards

It’s really irritating when something or someone occupies your beautiful home. You have recently built your fabulous home with great interior designing. You have spent a lot of money to showcase the eternal beauty of your room. If there is an unwanted guest that is really awful to handle sometimes, we get frustrated. We want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Most of us think similar when it comes to lizards spreading across your beautiful home. They are very common in all our houses. There is where how to get rid of lizards comes to help you.

After applying many tactics, it has been intolerable to live with them. They don’t harm you. The cockroaches retreat when they are near. So, it’s best to repel them without poisoning or killing. Here are some ways you can apply to get rid of them.

  1. Empty Eggshells

It’s an interesting method to keep away lizards from your house. Don’t throw the eggshells after you are finished making them. Try to wipe the shells dry with a tissue and leave it to the place where lizards reside. They don’t love the rotten smell of the eggshells. So, they will leave that place immediately. Please note that the eggshells must be removed from the house the next day because of the bacterial spreading.

  1. Use onion or garlic across the room

As you noticed that the lizards don’t like the smell of the eggshells, they also don’t like the smell of onion or garlic. Try to place it near the table fan so that the smell spreads faster across the room. Remember to slice the onion or garlic with small units.

  1. Naphthalene balls

If you have children or pets in your house, try to separate them in the other room. Using Naphthalene balls works marvellously to repel the lizards from your house. It will drive away from the bugs also. Smelling of Naphthalene can cause them to escape your house. Be careful with the children or pets as it can be very harmful to them.

  1. Try to keep the cabinet under the sink

One of the favourite places to live for lizards is under the cabinet. The place is comfortable for them to lay eggs. Try to keep the cabinets dry with newspapers and remember to change them often. Checking the cabinets under sinks will stop wood rot and help the cabinets last longer.

  1. Make a cold climate in your room

The lizards can’t accommodate themselves to the colder weather. So, it’s best to lower the temperature of your room. Regulate the temperature of your air-conditioning to 22 degrees so that they feel uncomfortable and leave subsequently.

  1. Leave leftover food out of your house

Leftover food here and there in your house can cause the spreading of the lizards as they love it. It attracts flies and ants also. So, it would a wise decision to throw the leftover food into the dustbin.