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Top 10 Best English Newspapers in India 2023

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Reading has always been prevalent over other media. From the age of rishis to our age, the greatness of reading has been feeding our hunger. Be it a book or newspaper, one needs reading to gain more knowledge. After the creation of the newspaper, it has grabbed more audiences. Amidst digital media, it has not been demolished at all. All the companies have gone digital. This article is based on those best newspapers in India, especially English ones that have spread their business heavily over the year.  

There are many newspapers, but we will focus on English ones because they are in great demand nowadays. With true and quality service to journalism, they are considered the best in the industry. I hope you have heard their names. Let’s dig into the article in detail.

Top 10 English Newspapers in India

1. Hindustan Times

hindustan times

Started in 1924, Hindustan Times has come a long way. This newspaper is considered among the old ones. It’s a very well-known name in the Indian newspaper industry. But, being the oldest one, they are still functioning like a young. They started their journey from New Delhi, and today, they are spread across Kolkata, Ranchi, Patna, Mumbai, Lucknow, and Chandigarh as well.

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Ranked one of the best newspapers in North India, they disperse 1 million copies daily to all the Indian thresholds. Hindustan Times specializes in every segment of the possible news area.

2. The Telegraph

the telegraph

This is yet another famous name in the Indian journalism industry. Their journey dates back to 1982 in Kolkata. Especially circulated in the Eastern part of the country, The Telegraph is now owned by Ananda Bazar Patrika Limited. They cover a broad range of areas starting from business, politics, sports, entertainment, education as well as healthy living.

Being considered one of the best English newspapers in India, they have earned a reputation within a very short period of time. Their magazines are spread across Ranchi, Jamshedpur, Guwahati, and Siliguri.   

3. The Statesman

the statesman

Started their journey in 1875, they are considered the earliest player in the news industry. They may be old in birth but are prevailing over other well-known peers. The Statesman is another best newspaper in India. Every Indian is familiar with the name.

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Being one of the prominent newspapers in India, their headquarter is situated in Kolkata. They are also the participant of the Asian News Network. Their publication houses are spread across Kolkata, Siliguri, Delhi, and Bhuvaneshwar. They circulate over 2 lakh copies every day.

4. The Economic Times

The Economic Times

When Economic Times comes into mind, the news about business, world economy, and finance reflect inside us. They come from the subsidiary group of The Times. Their business started in 1961.

Today, they have more than 8 lakh subscribers all over India. This is yet another prestigious newspaper that covers mainly business. This is their USP. Whether you need any start-up ideas, stock market news, or the finance of a business, the Economic Times covers all. Headquartered in Mumbai, their offices spread across Chennai, Hyderabad, Nagpur, Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, and so on.  

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5. The Hindu

the hindu

If we talk about the best English newspaper in India, The Hindu is one of them. Southern India’s best newspaper is the Hindu. They are spread across Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka.

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They cover especially the political news happening all over India as well as the world. Started in 1978, they are circulating over 1.4 million copies every day. With over 1600 employees, their head office is situated in Chennai.

6. The Indian Express

the indian express

In our best English newspaper in India list, the Indian Express appears there. They serve across 22 states in India and largely the Southern part of the country. This is yet another old newspaper that started in 1931. Their head office is situated in New Delhi. With over 5 lakh copies circulating every day, The Indian Express covers all the major events all over the world.   

7. Deccan Chronicle

deccan chronicle

Comes from the Deccan Chronicle Holdings Ltd, this is the most widely read newspaper in the southern part of the country. It began its operation in 1938 in Andhra Pradesh. Now, they are spread across Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka, Vijayawada, Karimnagar, Anantpur, Chennai, and so on.  If you are looking for the best English newspaper in India than this newspaper must be on your list.

8. The Times of India

the times of india

Occupied by 3 million subscribers, The Times of India is considered the versatile newspaper among all types of users. If you ask the oldest existing newspaper in India, then the answer you get is The Times of India.

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It started its publication in 1838 in Bombay with the name of the Bombay Times. The publication is processed by Bennett Coleman & Company Ltd. This is considered one of India’s top 10 best English newspapers.

9. The Pioneer

the pioneer

The Pioneer might be less popular but not ignorable at all. This is why they are also considered the best in the industry. Founded in 1865 by George Allen, they are now owned by the Thapar Group. In 2010, the Hindi version of this newspaper was available in Lucknow.

10. Daily News and Analysis (DNA India)

Daily News and Analysis

Owned by the Diligent Media Corporation, Daily News and Analysis started its journey in 2005. They mainly cover the younger generation’s issues. Being tagged as the 2nd most read in Mumbai, DNA is served over 1.5 million users. They also have a dynamic website where you get all the recent news. The Essel Group backs the Diligent Media Corporation.


These are the best English Newspapers in India so far. Their badness and subscribers are growing rapidly. We want information on a daily basis. A newspaper is a helpful medium to gain information about what goes on around the world. It opens the door to be accustomed to the world news, their culture, and everything. Reading a newspaper is always an essential entity without differentiating age.

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