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What is TCS CodeVita?

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Through coding or programming, you can change almost everything in the technological world. The supercomputers are running through programming. For some, it’s the most challenging job in the world, and for the rest, there is no such eternal enjoyment when you create something through coding. Now, coding has been a significant subject in every school. Children are being encouraged to learn it. Some of the notable companies are promoting coding for better technological advancement.

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The programmers who are accustomed to coding are most probably aware of the company, TCS (Tata Consultancy Service). The company is encouraging students by participating in their coding challenge. The contest is being held every year by the company. A participant should know something about the contest before appearing. First, let us know What is TCS CodeVita?

What is TCS CodeVita

TCS or Tata Consultancy Services is an MNC company that specializes in IT services across the whole world. CodeVita is a coding contest from the company for engineering or science students to promote coding or programming as this is going to be the inevitable skill for the future. Launched in 2012, CodeVita is now considered as a global competition where students from anywhere in the world participate. To participate in this competition, the participants need to go through some procedures. 

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What is the structure of the contest? 

As the contest is team-based, there will be two members of a team. Both members have to register individually. There will be all the details in the registration portal. A team has to be validated to take part in the competition. A participant has to go through some rounds, which are divided into the following categories.

  • Practise round where the participants can warm up with the CodeVita program. This is a highly recommended round because one needs to be familiarized with the format of the contest. 
  • MockVita 1 is equivalent to Round 1. The questions will be repeated like in previous sessions. 
  • MockVita 2 is the same as MockVita 1. If MockVita 1 falls on Weekdays, MockVita 2 will be on weekends. Both are optional but highly recommended. 
  • The main round starts from Round 1. The top 300 will move into the 2nd round. 
  • Round 2 is the semi-final round where a team has to win over the others to reach the finale. 
  • In the grand finale, the top 3 teams will be declared as the winners. There will be exciting prizes, internship offers, and also provisional offer letters. 

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How to register for TCS CodeVita

  • You need to go to the campus registration site, which is
  • Click on the “Registration Now” button. 
  • The participant has to fill in all the necessary details of their own and submit them.
  • Fill in all the details in the Campus Commune Section also.
  • You are finished with the registration.
  • It’s time to log in to check if all the details have been accepted or not. 
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Who can participate in TCS CodeVita

The students from India who are in their undergraduate/postgraduate studies in engineering or science can participate in this contest.

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What are the Prizes

1st prize – $10, 000

2nd prize – $7, 000

3rd prize – $3, 000

There will be some other opportunities like an internship, up to 3, 000 job offers, and global ranking. 

What are the topics

Though there is no definite topic for the contest as defined by the company, one can expect Graph, Tree, Array Manipulation, String Manipulation, Operators, Frameworks, some basic programmes like LCM and HCF, Fibonacci series, and some advanced programming like Binary search tree, sorting, Dynamic Programming, etc. 

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The contest can help you to land a job in a world-renowned company. As coding develops complex thinking skills, it simultaneously can give you a career. So, TCS CodeVita can be the starting point to commence your career as a coder. 

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