Reasons to Avoid Illegal Streaming Sites Like 7Starhd to Keep Yourself Safe

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Who doesn’t love movies? There is no one who doesn’t love. Some movie buffs who cannot afford to buy go to some piracy websites and make a wrong step. Thousands of movies are floating on the internet. Some are used through VPN and others are totally open. As soon as the new movie is released, it’s on the site like what 7starhd does.

If you are not sure where you are downloading from, then read this article to gain information about why you should immediately leave those sites.

These free websites are definitely luring by offering some spectacular movies. The piracy websites do not risk you illegal downloads but it also effects on the security of the phone. Using these websites like 7starhd doesn’t have any price so one uses it voraciously. There is a vast collection of movies that one can download for free.

Whatever you want, Bollywood, Hollywood, or any regional language films, you get there. As it is an obstacle against the box office collection, the earnings of movie theatres have also been compromised. Let’s see in detail what the risks are and how you can avoid such a website.

Risks of Using Illegal Websites Like 7Starhd

One of the most significant risks of using such sites is losing the security concern of your system. Some of the most concerning risks are as below.

  • Malicious Software

Using illegal websites make your system more virus-prone. As you download any movie, you also download lots of viruses from that particular website. These are the ground for downloading some popular ransomware. Have you ever seen the pop-us when you enter the website?

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Lots of advertisements, transferring from one website to another one are carrying the viruses. You can be affected at any time. Your personal information could be at risk. So, be aware of this if you use 7starhd or any other websites.

  • Data Leaking

Another overlooking matter that should be taken care of is the data leaking. Do you know as you use such sites you are delivering your personal data also? Whenever you press to download any movie, you sometimes get transferred to other websites or unwillingly download something else. It happens almost all the time.

You are not even aware that when you set up your account, you are being more prone to data leaks. Hence, it results in identity thefts and scams. Your trust in those sites is really staggering. Make sure you don’t do such things.

Some precautions to guard your privacy when using 7starhd

As you are being exposed to a great level of threat, you should take some measures that can save you from unknown doing. Some of the feasible ways you can protect your devices.

  • Use Antivirus Software

You are safe while using any antivirus software like Windows Defender or anything else. It saves you from downloading some malicious that can damage your system easily. Always scan your system frequently to detect any threat.

  • Not to click on any suspicious links

While surfing on the website, you will get lots of links that can lure you to click them. Make sure you click after bring confirmed where you can go to. Some viruses work automatically. As you click on any links, you are exposed to a threat by downloading a virus.

  • Never share your personal data

It would be a proper precaution not to register on any unknown website without being confirmed. If you are not aware of such sites, it’s wise not to trust them and create an account.

  • Use Legal Sites

This is recommended by security analysis also. Using a legal website doesn’t make you prey. You are very much safe there. And it’s the responsibility of that website to keep your account safe. The legal websites may come with a charge but they provide the utmost level of service while it’s about the users’ safety.

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Internet Censorship in India

Many piracy websites have been blocked by the government but it seems there is no end. Every day a new website is coming out. This is why the government both central and the state have taken steps to regulate the internet. They have already blocked a large number of websites that don’t obey the rules of the government. Recent years have seen the censorship of many creators’ content.

The OpenNet Initiative by the Indian government has been appreciated by many security analysts. It filters out unwanted and illegal content from the internet and delivers selective content.

Blocked Websites

Over the years, the government has blocked thousands of websites that don’t conform to the rules. In 2016, the government has banned 857 pornographic sites along with 200 URLs for escort services. In 2016, India also put forward a replacement decision to control the internet usage of its netizens.

Accessing pop-ups from ad services or malware infection of internet sites banned in India might invite 3 years of jail sentence and a fine of ₹300,000 (equivalent to ₹350,000 or US$4,900 in 2019). Until now, URLs and websites were blocked using DNS-filtering. This suggests the DNS of the blocked site was added to an inventory maintained by the web service provider and whenever a user tried connecting thereto site, the DNS server of the service provider would block that request.


Not all websites are illegal but Netflix, Zee5, Disney+Hotstar, and Amazon Prime have earned much credibility by providing strong security features. These websites maintain the proper license agreement. While downloading from these sites puts you at risk, why would you download them? Make yourself safe from those illegal websites and if you love the creators you should care about them also. Movie piracy is banned in India and it is illegal as well. You can even go to jail also.

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Some of the websites such as 7starhd, TamilRockers, Movierulz2, etc have already been banned by the government to improve the entertainment industry financially. But it seems the game is not stopped yet. They are still creating different domains and dominating the internet world. If you such websites, make you are far away from these sites.

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