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List of Top 10 Mobile Apps in India 2023

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One of several factors why smartphones are now so trendy nowadays is because of mobile apps. In respect of performance and capabilities, such apps are what turn your mobile devices efficient. Some of them are PhonePe App, Zee5 App, Amazon, Flipkart, Google Pay App, etc.

Lots of new apps are released every day, resulting in a tremendous transformation throughout the application store. App creation is advantageous financially and in terms of expanding a company’s or website’s exposure to mobile customers.

The COVID-19 outbreak seems to have had a severe influence upon on year’s most prominent applications. However, advertising hasn’t ended. Therefore, if you’d like to keep your mobile marketing campaigns going, you’ll need to know what applications are now ruling the market. It’s critical to understand your target viewer’s online behavior and the best channels to communicate with them to optimize marketing.

Let’s glance over the top popular applications throughout the Apple App Store and Google Play Store as of 2021. Please remember that some of the most popular apps (such as Clubhouse) aren’t on that whole list as they’re exclusively available for iPhone customers and hence aren’t as commonly installed.

List of Top 10 Apps in India


It is no wonder as Facebook, being the most prominent application globally, is among the most famous apps in India in 2021. Throughout this period, when individuals needed to connect and keep in contact, Facebook was essential.

In both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, Fb is continuously ranked among the top 10 apps. According to the survey, that is the most social media app developer in the globe, dependent on downloads. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger are all part of the Facebook network. For businesses, Facebook advertising and marketing were two crucial actions.

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Whenever it comes to advertising, Instagram is very beneficial. In 2018, brands posted an estimated 0.7 postings per day on social media, as per the report. The app gives plenty of options for advertisers to interact with its audiences through IGTV, Insta Lives, and Instagram Feed.

Throughout the summer of 2020, Instagram introduced Reels, a new tool that competes directly with TikTok. That will be fascinating to see where this functionality develops and affects downloads throughout time.


In the spirit of staying in contact, most social media apps saw continuing installations in 2021. WhatsApp does have a worldwide user base of almost 2 billion people. It is also among the top used apps in India.

Although WhatsApp may not have been as standard in the United States, that is the most instant messaging application worldwide. It allows businesses to communicate with their consumers and customers via tailored messages, special deals, and other means.


Telegram, a free messaging app with around 500 million active monthly users, can be used to share pictures, video clips, and various kinds of files in addition to the standard texts.

Telegram is helpful for businesses and big organizations because it endorses references, hashtags, and cross-platform accessibility. Instead, it allows you to make groups with up to 200,000 members, as well as private and public channels to that you may introduce your consumers. You may use this to post photographs and details regarding new products or services, offer connections to landing pages, and even construct chatbots to address client questions.

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Because most Chinese applications, including such TikTok, were prohibited in India, new ones have sprung up to replace the hole. Moj exemplifies this. It lets users create short films of approximately 15 seconds in length and customize them with numerous effects. Their interface design is essential, making it easier for people to engage through comments, likes, and sharing, among other things.

Such an app is very new, having launched in July 2020 and amassing millions of users in a short time. It boasts more than 80 million active monthly users who invest an average of 34 mins each day on the app.


This software, including a few video conferencing apps, was unquestionably among the most popular in the previous year. Zoom had around 300 million everyday users in April 2020, and indeed the app had 38 million installations in January 2021 only.

The COVID-19 dilemma is tied directly towards this zoom. Several people throughout the world utilized Zoom for the personal video-conferencing tool of choice because they’d have to continue working at home. Zoom enables customers to make video conferencing for businesses or to stay in touch with family and friends.


Snapchat has indeed been installed more than 200 million times and is highly prevalent among youth individuals aged 34 and under in the world.

Snapchat could be used for either pleasure and commerce, thanks to a technique called Instant Create, which allows you to instantly and create ads and, after that, distribute them according to on location to ensure that your target audience sees them. Snapchat could be a valuable promotional platform in this sense.

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Facebook Messenger, such as WhatsApp and Facebook altogether, is now a powerful hitter and a constant favorite throughout the play store. Unlike WhatsApp, Messenger is ubiquitous in the world, with 2.4 billion members predicted by 2021.

Like several of the remaining apps here on the list, could use Facebook Messenger for personal and business interaction. This software helps you to connect over to your network instantly and effortlessly, even if you’re exchanging images with pals or announcing a new product or service to your following.

MX TakaTak

MX TakaTak, like Moj, is also an Indian video streaming app that allows you to make your videos, check what’s hot, and browse for video clips on themes that attract you.

Even though this app is predominantly utilized in India, this does allow English-language content, allowing international brands and personalities to participate. It also boasts an everyday user base of roughly 10 million people and a monthly user base of about 45 million.


It is one of the top downloading apps in India. It’s a full-featured video watching and streaming app which operates on both mobile and desktop platforms.

Offline downloading is one of the capabilities of the specialized mobile app. YouTube is indeed the world’s largest video hosting site, with monetization alternatives for users.


This is the list of the top 10 apps in India. Millions of people worldwide now use smartphones, and developing a mobile app for your business is a surefire method to reach out to them. In previous years India has evolved as the world’s quickest expanding mobile net industry. The nation has become a perfect representative for mobile networks, with much more like a billion cell customers and ever-increasing mobile internet coverage. Indians embraced mobile apps with enthusiasm and simplicity.

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