Kaziranga National Park – A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park: Located in Assam near the Brahmaputra River, Kaziranga National Park is a home of one-horned rhinoceroses, which are unique species around the world. The sanctuary is enlisted on the world heritage site by UNESCO in 1985. We come to know that the sanctuary has more than 2413 rhinos as of 2018. Not … Read more

Aryabhata and His Contribution to the Whole World


Aryabhata: Being a major mathematician figure, he is also involved with many astrologers. He is also responsible for influencing Varahmihira, Bhaskara, and Brahmagupta. The name is confusing sometimes because of double “t”. Mostly, the name is written as Aryabhata. He is considered not only a mathematician but also an astrologer. His notable works include Aryabhatiya … Read more

Shirdi Sai Baba – A Saint in One Side and A Fakir in the Other

Sai Baba

Shirdi Sai Baba: We are surrounded by spiritual leaders. They not only increase the richness of the country but make the difference from other countries. As a country where spiritual leaders are worshipped everywhere, India has become a leader in front of the world. Only in India, we get so many spiritual leaders that are … Read more

Amrita Pritam (Indian Novelist) – A Representative of Love and Feminism

amrita pritam

“Kabhi Kabhi Maut bhi jab ek kitab likhti hai, to zindagi se ek bhumika likhwane ke liye aati hai”. Amrita Pritam: Just two years ago, her 100th birth anniversary was celebrated. The name that stimulates feminism to every woman to a new level is the celebrated novelist and poet Amrita Pritam. Her works show us … Read more

On-Page SEO Factors: Optimize Your Site Accordingly for Better Results in SERP

On-Page SEO

Are you running behind competitors in the digital market? Is your search engine ranking going down? Here is the solution to your issue. Online business is trending right now. While using business sites, it is necessary to optimize your platform for search engines. On-page SEO can optimize your enterprise site better. Let us see the … Read more

List of Top 10 Best Scooty in India for Men & Women

best scooty in india

Best Scooty in India: Today, it has been difficult to think without a two-wheeler. A few decades earlier, where the two-wheelers were the rich people’s entity, now, everyone can afford this. The price is attractive, so more people have acquired at least one. The number is attractively increasing day by day. Whether you are a … Read more