Aryabhata and His Contribution to the Whole World

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Being a major mathematician figure, Aryabhata was also involved with many astrologers. He is also responsible for influencing Varahmihira, Bhaskara, and Brahmagupta. The name is confusing sometimes because of double “t”. Mostly, the name is written as Aryabhata. He is considered not only a mathematician but also an astrologer. His notable works include Aryabhatiya and Arya-Siddhanta. The question about the authenticity of the works still remains in the fog because of the very old manuscripts. Some of the scholars claim that the works are not from Aryabhata himself, and some claim about the genuineness of his works. Yet, he is still mentioned as the creator of Pi. Let’s know in detail about this legendary figure. 

Aryabhata Bio

His birth has confusing till now. As we trace back to history, we come to know that he was born in 476 AD. According to Aryabhatiya, his birthplace was in Kusumapura or Pataliputra that is presently called Patna in Bihar. Pataliputra was the capital of the Gupta dynasty. Bhaskara, the 7th-century mathematician, claims that he was from “Asmaka” a country belonging to central India. Many commentators on Aryabhatia claim that he belonged to Kerala. But later studies about him give us a relatively clear idea about the connection between him and Kusumapura. He is also known as Aryabhata I to distinguish the same name of the later mathematician.

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Study Place

It is speculated that he went to Kusumapura for higher studies. The place is believed to be Patna, Bihar. Many believe that he was the head of the institution at Kusumapura or Pataliputra. There is also speculation about his connection with Nalanda University because there was an astronomical observatory. He was the head of the university. He also founded an observatory in Taregana, Bihar. Studies suggest that he lived most of his later life in the Taregana district. There is still not any final verdict of his birth and study place.

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Interesting Facts about Aryabhata

Let’s know some of the interesting facts about Aryabhata. 

  1. Aryabhata is considered to be the first Indian mathematician.
  2. Aryabhata was his first major work at the age of 23 that is purely based on astronomy. 
  3. He composed algebra, arithmetic, plane, and spherical trigonometry. 
  4. Greeks utilize the technique for finding the length of the chords of the circle with half chords created by him.
  5. Being mathematics as the principal focus, he deeply researched arithmetic and geometric movements like 2, 4, 6, and 8 or 2, 10, 50, and 250.
  6. The approximate number of Pi = 3.14159265, which is a must memorized number for students, was created by him. 
  7. Development in trigonometry with tables of cosine, sine, and converse sine was made him.
  8. The circumference and measurement of the earth, as well as the radius of the orbits of 9 planets, are his contribution.
  9. He demolished many superstitious theories.
  10. He proved that the earth is round and is rotating on its axis. 
  11. He found the position of the nine planets and said that they rotate around the sun.
  12. His contribution to creating Zero is remembered by all of us. 
  13. He also said the moon doesn’t have any light on its own. It reflects the light of the sun.
  14. The exact number of days in a year which is 365, as well as the days in a week, was created by him. 

Aryabhata’s Contribution to Mathematics

When there was no advanced equipment, this master made the complicated maths at that time and helped the next generation at the utmost level. It is a surprising fact that this man created such theories with just his sharp brain. Everyone still remembers his contribution to Zero in the place value system, Pi, trigonometry, and many sectors. He developed the summation series of square and cube roots. He mostly dealt with mathematics, and there are several theories left behind after his death. Some of the important calculations might not have with us because of the very old history.

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The Arybhatiya covers mathematics and astronomy. It is considered the mathematical literature of all of the later mathematicians. It deals with arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, quadratic equations, continued fractions, and a table of sines. On the other hand, the Arya-Siddhanta, which is, unfortunately, a lost work, deals with astronomical calculations.

According to the later mathematicians and commentators, the book specializes in Surya Siddhanta. It also contains many astronomical instruments such as gnomon, a shadow instrument, angle-measuring devices, a cylindrical stick, Chhatar-yantra (an umbrella-shaped device), and many more. This great man provided the summation series of square and cube roots. 

Aryabhata’s Contribution to Astronomy

Not only a mathematician but he is also regarded as one of the best astronomers of all time. He worked on astronomical calculations and deductions without any advanced equipment. He used all of his readymade interesting things and certainly the sharp brain. He said the earth is round and rotates around its own axis. And this is why we see days and nights. This is known as Heliocentrism.

He proved that the moon doesn’t have any light. It reflects the light from the sun. The Arybhatia tells us his scientific proofs demolished many superstitious beliefs. He also used epicycles to explain the inconsistent movement of some planets. He exactly calculated the number of hours, minutes, and seconds in a day as well as the days in a year.

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He died in 550 AD. Before Copernicus discovered the universal truth about the planets’ rotation around the sun, Aryabhata’s heliocentric theory proved that. Amidst the mist of the authenticity of his works, most modern scholars believe his true works and preserve his name as the first Indian satellite. Not only Indian but his work, Arya-Siddhanta, had a profound influence on Islamic astronomy. The whole world appreciates his contribution to trigonometric tables. Many colleges and research institutes have been built after his name. The well-known Aryabhata Maths Competition is also after his name. 

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